Webinar for trainers’ training in Cyber Security  

Consorzio Global, Logistic Digital Community’s promoter, is organizing a trainers’ training event on Wednesday March 9th 2023, on the topic of Cyber Security.  

Under AIFOS’s (Italian Association for Workplace Safety Trainers and Operators) and AIF’s (Italian Trainers Association) patronage, a smart webinar is being held for a limited number of participants with the aim of sharing the delicacy and complexity of the cyber theme and to train a team of up-to-date and prepared teachers.  

As always, LDC placed itself at the service of companies in the transport and logistics chain, to support companies in updating workers’ skills, a fundamental asset for the introduction of technologies in the company and for the protection and safety of company data and business continuity.  

Only the preparation and the updating of the trainers and consultants’ team guarantees useful and profitable training interventions for companies.  

Attached is the event brochure.