Port Authorities and Cyber Security

The President of Federlogistica Luigi Merlo, during an interview with the sector press, has underlined the importance of Cyber Security among companies. Here a brief excerpt from the article.

“The Italian logistic and port system cannot be found unprepared – wrote Merlo -. The resources of the PNRR for digitization must therefore be used to help businesses but also the Port Authorities to structure themselves. The AdSPs have to face significant workloads for the design and implementation of the works to be carried out; and precisely in this scenario they must rely on inviolable systems, introducing immediately the figure of the cyber manager”.

According to Merlo, digital transformation is also at the center of a process aimed by changing the ways of doing governance in the Port Authorities and making them increasingly synergistic force with companies and of all the stakeholders.

Finally, hacker attacks, underlines the president of Federlogistica-Conftrasporto, are nowadays suffered by many ports in the world, is not a random hypothesis: “Only with a digitalization process and with a quickly Cyber ​​Security Assessment we will able to protect our ports from Cyber Attack in terms of cyber risk management plans”.

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