The Community


An envolving virtual community to support the digital transaction of the Transport and Logistic Industry.


For the digital transaction, a huge amount of resources coming from the MIMS has been allocated with the PNRR 2021-26 structural funds.


The main characters of the Project are Logistic & Transport Operators and Blue Economy companies; our Technical Partners will guide the digital revolution of the Industry step by step.


The LDC is a selector, aggregator and disseminator of digital formative events and contents: it offers companies the opportunity to take part in thematic round table, sharing best practices and use cases among the network.

In teaming with our Partners

Supporting the Digital Transaction with:


Coaching digital competences to workers


Best practice and use case to companies with common interests


Competences, process and thecnologies for the sector

Involved Player

All the Logistic and Transport stakeholders

4 levels of Engagement and Aggregation:

Institutions, Associations, Companies, Workers


Contributing to the political choices driving our industry’s development


Identifying and becoming spokesperson for the needs and peculiarities of each industry


Supporting the digitization and organizational improvement of our enterprises


Boosting digital literacy through targeted training proposals

LDC Project Structure

Round Table
With sectorial experts sharing case history and use cases
Skills e Masterclass
Creation and spreading of digital contents through formative events
Digital Evolution
Implementation of digital process among the companies

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