More resources from the PNRR to invest in Cyber Security  

Adequate resources from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan for Cyber Security.  

Asking for this is Davide Falteri, vice-president of Federlogistica with responsibility for digitalization, who explains how, especially in this moment of international tensions due to the Ukrainian crisis, there is an increasing risk for cyber attacks in the logistics and transportations sector. 

“We need to be able to make the most of and enhance the economic support to be translated in investments in cyber defence – explains Falteri – in 2021 transport, logistics and shipping companies were amongst the most sensitive targets affected. Yet, investments on cyber security amounted to a mere 1.3 billion euros, as emerged from the latest LDC’s Round Table, the project sponsored by Confcommercio-Conftrasporto.  

In short, the desire and hope is that more is done to put companies in the right conditions to update workers’ skills in terms of Cyber Security.