Logistics & Transport Towards the Future

The launch of the LDC, which took place in Genoa on the 25th of October 2021, saw the active collaboration of Institutions, Authorities, Associations, Companies and Technical Excellence of the Sector.

The significant involvement in the event, both in qualitative and quantitative terms, confirmed the goodness of the path taken by LDC.

President Davide Falteri said: “The project starts from an evident and objective need, that of making the world of logistics digital in Italy”. An important advantage in terms of economy and development of the sector, in particular greater competitiveness for all the operators. Moreover, a common protocol is necessary between market and the operator to invest shared resources. “We have to work in terms of system to enhance each sector with an organizational method” ended the President Falteri. The University of Genoa and the Polytechnic of Turin are also involved among the partners to support the project with technical point of view.

That was a beginning of an articulated project will continue in the months. See all the news on the web portal and join the community!