Davide Falteri: Technological Innovation and occupation in the centre of the city’s development project

The Genoese entrepreneur, creator of the Logistic Digital Community, outlines the road map.  Digital Infrastructures in the foreground at the event held on October 7th at Palazzo della Meridiana, Genova.  

Genova is a city in need of new infrastructures to be able to look at its development and growth. 

There’s a constant talk about fundamental works for the city such as the Gronda, Terzo Valico and Nuova Diga, but from strategical standpoint digital infrastructures are as important to make Genova at the forefront at European level, enhancing its strategic port.  

It’s new the news about the submarine cable that will lead Genova to become a “digital port” model. A very high-speed link (18 terabyte/second circa), a real digital highway of 10.000km to bring data, internet traffic and calls, and that will have as their final destination the Ligurian capital.  

The new submarine cable will be able to contain eight data infrastructures and will make Genova the new entrance door for data in Europe.  

Davide Falteri, Genoese entrepreneur, Consorzio Global president and national vice-president of Federlogistica, has launched, with Conftrasporto and Confcommercio support, in 2021, the Logistic Digital Community, the virtual community for operators in the transport, logistics and shipping sectors, with the final objective to sustain the digital transition in the supply chain.  

A year after its birth, LDC has grown and can count national institutional and tecno-scientific partners of excellence.  

“It is more and more necessary to have a common protocol between the commerce world and the supply chain to invest resources together – explains Davide Falteri – the objective is to simplify working process, the protection of IT systems and the contamination of ideas and good practices aimed at business innovation”. 

In this regard, an event is scheduled for Friday 7 October at 09:30 in the evocative setting of Palazzo della Meridiana in Genova, which will be attended by all the stakeholders of the cutting-edge sector both in the national and European fields, entitled “Digital infrastructures, predictive logistics and data exchanges in the transport supply chain: strategies, risks and opportunities”. 

Digital transition which primarily means development and opportunities for new employment in the Genova area. 

In this regard, the administrative activity of Falteri continues, as a director with responsibility for new company settlements in the area, the goal is to create a “Genova model” linked to the theme of the industrial development of the area and the establishment of new production realities in the local fabric starting from the key assets: port and logistics, tourism and commerce, digital and high technology. 

The mission is the creation of matching between supply and demand by enhancing the real estate assets for the purpose of new production, industrial and commercial settlements. 

An action plan launched with the first meetings and site inspections which aims to establish new companies and new jobs within the 5-year mandate.