CSET – Cyber Security for Energy & Transport infrastructure

International conference

November 8 and 9, 2022 Genoa (Italy)

LDC, thanks to the participation to the round table from Davide Falteri, Federlogistica Vice-president, enters the CSET, important international annual conference about Cyber security in energy and transport infrastructures. On its eighth edition, it is a big event that brings together Institutions, Companies and International Experts about Cyber security.

The CSET, held by Professor Paola Girdinio, President of START 4.0 and Professor in the Engineering Department at the University of Genova, was organized this year in Palazzo della Borsa in Genova on the 8th and 9th of November, registering a boom in participations and high-quality interventions.

Within this context, LDC has supported Leonardo group in the research and selection of participants to the practice session, whose results have been presented in the Conference final panel, named “Hunt the threat”, in the prestigious headquarter of Leonardo Group in Torre Fiumara (10° floor) in Genova: the biggest Cyber & Security Academy in Italy, with a direct link with Palazzo della Borsa.

It’s been a team competition where IT people from a selected panel of companies coming from the Transport, Logistics and Shipping sector have been invited to participate to map the level of digital maturity of companies from the supply chain.

To look at the materials and the interventions: https://www.csetconference.com/

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