Big success of LDC last Workshop “Digitalization and Logistics, the combination of our future” 

To proceed swiftly in the definition of funds for cybersecurity in the logistics system and within ports (target of an attack from Russian hacker last Friday); close up the line to make those 253 million assigned by the PNRR for digitalization in the logistic and port system and out of which not even a cent has been used yet, to avoid that they were resized during the reassignment phase of the funds; think in an innovative way to fill the gap of ideas on the digitization theme, also by exploiting the coordination skills on the so-called underwater Internet and on training; and finally, to prevent it from happening in the future, promote the rapid implementation of the Nis 2 directive on cyber within the Italian Government and at the same time push many Port System Authorities (especially in the South) to adopt PCS (Port Community Systems); PCSs which represent the indispensable basis for planning and implementing a national logistics platform that is able to find in digitization the methods to increase the efficiency of the national logistics and port system, and to guarantee at the same those levels of security that today seem not to be sufficient to deal with cyber security risks.

These are the main indications that the President of Federlogistica-Conftrasporto, Luigi Merlo and his Vice-President, Davide Falteri, forcefully brought out at an appointment organized in Genoa with the specific aim of relaunching that Logistic Digital Community which had been set up in Genoa in October 2021 and which today is a candidate to play not only a technical and design role, as well as coordination between the various public and private entities that interact on the logistics chain, but also the difficult one of giving a real jolt to the ‘inertia of a system, which except for some areas of excellence (in Genoa as in La Spezia and in other ports of Northern Italy), has not succeeded in digitalisation to make the necessary leap in quality.

A leap which – as emerged from the Genoa conference – must be based on three pillars, coordination, technological innovation (as evidenced, for example, by the La Spezia case of coordination between digitalisation, port issues and issues relating to global warming), but also training of new professional skills of which the country is dramatically lacking. The following took part in the conference at Palazzo della Meridiana in Genoa: Davide Falteri (Vice-President of Federlogistica), Paolo Signorini (President of ADSP Western Ligurian Sea), Mario Sommariva (President of ADSP Eastern Ligurian Sea), Marco Mattiocco (Customs Agency), Luigi Merlo (President of Federlogistica), Gian Enzo Duci (Vice-President of Conftrasporto), Domenico Cimei (Alma Viva), Giacomo Speretta (Leonardo Group), Paola Girdinio (Start 4.0 Competence Center), Giorgio Moroni (Free to X), Marco Bucci (Mayor of the city of Genoa), Marco Barbagelata (Stam), Salvatore Avena (La Spezia Port Service), Chiara Petrioli (WSense) and Valter Cravero (Amazon Web Services).