Digitalization and Logistics, the combination of our future

Great success of the Workshop “DIGITIZATION AND LOGISTICS, THE COMBINATION OF OUR FUTURE – Financing and support opportunities for companies” of the LDC, the Logistic Digital Community, which took place on Monday 12 June 2023, in the splendid setting of Palazzo della Meridiana in Genova, city of excellence in the LDC, by virtue of the strategic centrality of its Port, testifying to the centrality of the transport chain in the local and national economy.

The Logistic Digital Community, promoted by the Confcommercio-Conftrasporto universe, chaired by Federlogistica as leading partner, with Consorzio Global as technical-scientific partner, has promoted a new thematic event of a national nature, which has encountered a high qualitative-quantitative participation rate, bringing together institutions, associations, companies and technical partners of excellence in the transport, logistics and shipping chain around the most salient topics of the moment.

In particular, the Conference in question debated the issue of contributions and financing opportunities for companies in terms of digital evolution as known, in fact, only companies in the supply chain that will be able to adopt successful and innovative paradigms in terms of digital they will be able to increase their competitiveness, and on the specific subject considerable funds have been allocated by the PNRR and by the Infrastructural Funds.

Through the involvement of Stakeholders and Technical Partners of exceptional importance, such as Paolo Signorini (President of ADSP Western Ligurian Sea), Mario Sommariva (President of ADSP Eastern Ligurian Sea), Marco Mattiocco (Customs Agency), Gian Enzo Duci (Vice President of Conftrasporto), Domenico Cimei (Alma Viva), Giacomo Speretta (Leonardo Group), Paola Girdinio (Start 4.0 Competence Center), Giorgio Moroni (Free to X), Marco Barbagelata (Stam), Salvatore Avena (La Spezia Port Service), Chiara Petrioli (WSense ) and Valter Cravero (Amazon Web Services), food for thought and concrete indications were provided to questions such as What is the state of the art today? How does the National Logistics Platform move? What concrete opportunities are there for companies?

It is with great pleasure that we thank all the speakers for having enthusiastically accepted the challenge of dealing with such important and hot topics in the current scenario; moreover, thanks go to the numerous participants, both in presence and remotely, who participated in the workshop with great interest. To be able to watch the event, listen to the individual speeches of the speakers and much more, visit the following link